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Applications of Vaccum Packing Machine

  • Liquids like sauces, Ink jet printing inks. Offset inks in tins and flexible bags
  • Dry fruits Cashew Nuts, Wall nuts etc. with Co2 flushing
  • Rice, Cereals, Pea nuts
  • Khakra, Chapati
  • Meat, beef with Co2, N2 and O2 flushing
  • Ayurved (herbal) medicines
  • Solid Chilly, (We have developed special machine for whole chilly), Spices
  • Volumetric products to reduce volume to save on shipping cost like Pillows, Mattresses
  • Prevention from rusting, fungal infection and absorbing moisture. Like iron, copper and oxidizing metal components, Leather wears
  • Pharmaceutical products like API (Active Pharmaceutical Agents)
  • Vacuum packing products in plastic trays
  • Printing Inks (We have developed special machine for vacuum packing printing ink)
  • Packing dry fruits in Tin cans
  • Research laboratory that requires MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) with three gas flushing
  • Welding rods
  • Brine Water Shrimp Eggs in tins
  • Archives to protect from fungal infection
  • To remove water from Archives sunk in flood water
  • Last but not least to pack anything that has to be isolated from atmosphere and can be packed in flexi bags and tins.