About Us

Winner Electronics Manufacturer / Exporter Vacuum Packing Machines for any application. Our spatiality is we design manufacturer single Vacuum Packing / Sealing Machines as per customer’s requirement.

We at Winner designed & supplied Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP), Controlled Atmosphere Packing (CAP) machine with nitrogen flushing, Co2 flushing & Oxygen flushing machines for packing grains, dry fruits, fruits, vegetables, non vegetarian products like, meat, chicken 7 beef etc. We also produced vacuum sealers for diversified applications like vacuum packaging Cashew nuts, vacuum packers for walnuts, vacuum packing almonds, spices, tea, coffee, vacuum sealing milk powder, vacuum packers for milk & dairy products. Non vegetarian products like vacuum packing fish, meat, chicken, rabbit, vacuum packing leather wears, vacuum packing blankets, vacuum packing pillows.

Vacuum packing pharmaceutical bulk drugs, vacuum packing machine for blood collection bags. Industrial items like, vacuum packing welding rods, vacuum packing spring washer, vacuum packing pharmaceutical machines, vacuum packing CNC machines, vacuum packing copper bus bars, vacuum packing copper wire spools of 3 meter diameter, pipe and tube, vacuum packing gamma rays treated products like plastic caps, open / nozzle type vacuum sealers for Banana etc.

Winner Electronics was established by a Civil Engineer of 1968 batch as a manufacturer of import substitute parts for Photo copier Machines. His first industrial venture was to manufacture Vacuum deposited Selenium plates and Drums for automatic Photo Copiers. As the field demands a knowledge of, Physical Chemistry, Engineering & Electronics, so after acquiring expertise in these subjects, he tempted to manufacture Vacuum Sealing Machine and Vacuum Packing machines, vacuum packing pouches, food vacuum pouches as he perceived that Vacuum Packaging is a future of packaging trend. We also have expertise in repairing of highly sophisticated imported Vacuum Sealing Machine and Vacuum Packing Machines. During this repairing job we found that every other machine of popular brand has some unique design or component in it. If needed we make further development in such component and use this technology. This is the reason we can match with any popular brand of Europe.

Our Product Range
We are among the most preferred destination for Vacuum Sealing and Packaging Machines.
The models of vacuum packing machines we offer are :

Floor Model

  • Table Top / Mini Vacuum
  • Flat Bed for Nonvegeterian food products.
  • Vertical Vacuum Packing for liquid like products.
  • Bulk Vacuum packing machine like 25 kg and more

  • The vacuum sealers we manufacture are :
  • Continuous Sealer
  • Jar Sealer
  • Pedal Sealer