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50 kg Straight Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

50 kg Straight Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

50 kg Straight Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Require Fast Packing For Bulk Products?  Buy The 50 Kg Straight Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

The vacuum packing machine is a product that is required in those industries where items have to be packed in large quantities for use at a later date. The kind of packing needed by such items is such that its quality and ingredients must be well-preserved but without the use of preservatives or chemicals. Such items can be food products, but this type of machine is also suitable for factories and industries where chemicals and electronic items are produced. The machine is simple in its operations and easy-to-use.

50 Kg Straight Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine – Easy Operations, Quality Vacuum Packing

This vacuum packing machine is such that it is sturdy and can withstand daily use. It is capable of packing multitude of items in a single day saving on time and labor costs. It is able to manage packing with the highest efficiency ensuring that the packed item is in pristine condition for months to come. This Winner Electronics machine’s operations can be controlled and it does not require much maintenance efforts. The packing cycle of the machine is some 10 to 15 seconds depending on the size of the item. It can also be customized to meet client requirements for packing. Press a button on the machine to get it started and the items are all ready to get into their pack quickly, conveniently.

The key benefit in opting for vacuum packing is that it keeps the condition of the item intact in such a way that it is just as if it was packed now and sent to the shop. The idea behind vacuum packing is removing air completely from the pack as it will cause oxidation which results in the item single getting spoilt. Due to this form of packing, there is no need to use a gas to preserve the quality of the item, especially as seen in the case of food items. The air is pulled from the pack in such a way that the item is in close contact with the packing material.  This form of packing is most suitable for items that are easily perishable and just what is needed for products that need to be constantly refrigerated till they are used, as it stops freezer burn.

When a product has to be marketed in destinations far off or in case of perishable items or perhaps chemical products, vacuum packing is a must as it preserves the quality of these items perfectly. As air is completely removed, there is no chance for oxidation to happen so items inside the pack do not get spoilt. It also stops product loss in companies as any problems arising in product packing and maintenance is removed. Opt for the latest Winner Vacuum Packaging Pvt. Ltd 50 kg straight chamber vacuum packing machine to simplify your huge product vacuums packaging needs.

Unique features : Space saving, despite heavy weight doors lid can be pushed with fingers.

Model Name : 50 kg Straight Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine.

Vacuum Chamber : Width 1030mm X Length 1160mm X Depth 370mm

Over all Size : Width 1220mm x 915 x 1000

Gross weight : Weight with vacuum pump approx 450 kg.

Mould stand : Due to Winner’s own innovative technology of the mould stand. Can shift to pack smaller pouches within a few seconds.

Optional : CSIR-CIMFR approved FLP enclosure and motor

Castor wheels : Provided with castor wheels for mobility.

Power : Maximum 5.5 Kwh.

Construction : Complete SS 304.

Vacuum Pump : 1666 LPM/ 100 cum/ hr, single stage for faster vacuum. Oil re-circulating hence requires less oil, low noise (< 72 db), no emission of oil mist.

Cycle Time : Seconds larger capacity pumps for faster cycle can be provided.

Optional : (Busch - Made in Germany)

Lid : SS 304.

Sealing bar size : One sealing bar 1010mm.

Moulds : 1 no. 50kg SS mould with machine

Gas purging facility : By default.

Winner special :

  • Maintenance free Vacuum actuator for lifting sealing bars
  • Short circuit free non metallic. Made from fabric coated sealing bars
  • We make customize machines as per customers requirement, quantity no bar