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Table Top Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machine

Table Top Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machine

Table Top Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machine

Modern Table Top Vacuum Commercial Packaging Machine

Commercial establishments seeking to deliver high quality items to customers in far off markets certainly need more than regular packaging assistance. They need a table top vacuum commercial packaging machine to manage various types of product packaging quickly, conveniently. It is designed to be sturdy, has a body made from quality stainless steel and has simple operations so that packaging can be done efficiently.

Enhance Brand Name With Best Packing Through Table Top Commercial Vacuum Packing Machine

Check out Winner Electronics table top commercial vacuum packing machine is suitable for various types of small to medium commercial establishment such as shops, restaurants, caterers, hotel chains, chemical industries etc, where it is vital to seal product intact to keep their qualities from deteriorating. In such places, the packing must be done on time and using the best quality material, so that the item being packed is fresh when it is used by the consumer at a much later date. The dimensions of the machine are 465 Width x 440 Length x 80 mm Height, so it is compact and is designed to be easy-to-maintain.

The clear benefit gained in using this product is that it can be placed on a table top for usage. There is no need to have ample amount of floor space to get started with it. The machine is capable of quickly vacuum packing items in small lots everyday and is highly useful in small factories, companies where a certain amount of items only have to be dispatched to shop every day.

The Winner Vacuum Packaging Pvt. Ltd machine has a SS 304 construction, has a transparent flat Acrylic or SS Dome, and includes a 25 cum vacuum pump and 4 nozzles gas flushing.  It does not consume much electricity as it can work using Maximum 2 KW, using a domestic connection. The packing cycle is 2 to 3 Cycles but varies depending on the kind of product that needs to be packaged.

Vacuum packaging gives a brand clear visibility in its market as it shows itself to be one that cares for its customers by providing them with a high quality product that is in perfect condition for usage. The freshness of the item remains intact till it reaches the customer and they are able to open the seal to use it according to their needs. As the product is vacuum packed, whatever be its type it does not deteriorate and customers will be able to enjoy its qualities to the utmost when they break open the seal. This type of vacuum packing machine also enables a brand to show its customers what type of product they are offering as customers can touch it and have greater confidence as they are buying the right item, one that they will enjoy using once they open the packaging.

Model name : Table Top Commercial

Vacuum Chamber size : 465 Width x 440 Length x 80 mm Height. Other Height optional

Optional : Vacuum chamber depth upto 150 mm

Over all Size : 525 W x 590 L x 350 H mm

Construction : Complete SS 304.

Lid : Transparent flat Acrylic or SS Dome optional.

Vacuum Pump : 25 cum/416 LPM

Gas Flushing : Optional.

Vacuum monitoring & control : Controlled with Microprocessor & dial gauge. Vacuum sensor optional.

Electrical consumption : Maximum 1 to 2 Kwh, can be operated on domestic connection.

Packing cycle : 1 to 2 Cycles/ minute depending upon the product to vacuum packed.

Capacity : Upto 800 kg/ shift of 8 hours

Winner special :

  • Maintenance free Vacuum actuator for lifting sealing bars
  • Short circuit free non metallic. Made from fabric coated sealing bars
  • We make customize machines as per customers requirement, quantity no bar

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