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Nozzle Type Single Head Vacuum Packaging Machine

Nozzle Type Single Head Vacuum Packaging Machine

Nozzle Type Single Head Vacuum Packaging Machine

Nozzle Type Single Head Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packaging is the key means of getting a product packaged according to the product’s ingredients such that it will not get wasted away. Many products are such that they will not remain intact for long periods of time, specifically after they are exposed to air. Oxygen can get them contaminated with bacteria or fungus. The only way such items can be sent to their destination market in pristine condition is by using a vacuum packaging machine to seal them in place.

How Can Buying The Nozzle Type Single Head Vacuum Packing Machine Benefit Your Brand ?

A nozzle type single head vacuum packing machine is most suitable for companies that are small to medium scale with a regular need of packing hundreds of items per day. Staff can be easily trained to use this single head nozzle machine to remove air from an item’s packaging and seal it securely.  It is easy-to-use and can be operated for hours together, enabling large quantities of packing to be done in a couple of hours for items to be dispatched on time to stores.

The nozzle type single head vacuum packing machine is one that manages the packing using a nozzle that takes away air inside the package. It comes with a SS 304 construction that is sturdy and which enables the item to be used extensively without breakdown. The nozzle head enables air to be flushed out efficiently from the package, after which it is sealed accurately. The single head nozzle is quick in the way it removes vacuum from the packaging enabling  a wide variety of items to be packed at the same time.  This is a Winner Vacuum Packaging Pvt. Ltd machine that is typically required in the food industry though it also serves well in other industries where goods must be vacuum packed to have a good shelf life.

This Winner Electronics machine is corrosion resistant and is not affected by any of the contents inside the packaging.  It has an aluminum construction, with MS powder coated conveyor. Once an item enters the chamber it is automatically vacuum packed and sealed.  The time taken to remove air inside a pack is 15 seconds but this item also depends on the size of the item that is being packed. It does not need a lot of effort for maintenance and is capable of managing different types of items packing in a single hour. Use it to save manual labor on packing and pack items in such a way that they are left intact even after months from their production date. Such packing gives value to the item being sold and enhances a brand’s name in its market.

Model Name : Nozzle Type single Head

Overall approximates size : 900 to 2000 mm Width x 600 Depth x 1300 mm Height.

Construction : Complete SS 304.

Vacuum Pump : Winner with 25 Cum / hour, oil lubricated with sound level 64 db.

Capacity : Any, length up to 850 & width up to 850 mm. Length and width has to be specified by the buyer.

Sealing bars size : 900 to 2000 mm. Machine size will increase proportionate to sealing bar size.

Gas purging facility : By default.

Mould stand : Due to Winner’s own innovative technology of the mould stand. Can shift to pack smaller pouches within a few seconds. Unique and nut bold free key hole mould stand height adjusting system only by Winner.

Optional : CSIR-CIMFR approved FLP enclosure and motor

Controls & monitoring : Touch screen with dial gauge to monitor vacuum and gas Spring loaded bag holders.

Filter : To avoid penetration of powder in suction line and Vacuum Pump

Nozzles : Common for Vacuum and Nitrogen.

Packing cycle : Depends upon pressure of the gas & bag volume 10 to 15 seconds.

We make, customize machines as per customers requirement, quantity no bar.