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Printing Tin Vacuum Packaging Machine

Printing Tin Vacuum Packaging Machine

Printing Tin Vacuum Packaging Machine

Printing Tin Vacuum Packaging Machine

Out of the many types of packing available, one that is superior in quality and which can manage voluminous packing tasks with ease is the vacuum packing machine. It is a device designed for rugged output and can pack various types of items in the best way.  Investing in such a machine will save on pacing costs enormously and enable you to carry out packing smoothly and in the shortest possible time. It can be used to manage peaking needs for medium to large scale factories with ease.

Modern Printing Tin Vacuum Packaging Machine : Fast Packing At Affordable Rates

Printing ink is a liquid that has dye and a certain viscosity, hence packing it must be done with the highest efficiency as otherwise the content inside will leak and it can get spoilt with a vacuum packing machine specifically designed to making printing tin vacuum packing, this item can be easily packed for quick delivery to customer. The Winner Electronics vacuum packing machine works at a rapid pace to pack printing tins quickly, efficiently. As it carries out the packing, it will remove all air inside the tin and seal it, so that the quality of the content inside is retained as such. Buy this aching and manage voluminous printing ink tin packing in an affordable way.

When you need to vacuum pack the printing ink tins, place them in the designated spot and about two or three can be arranged for pacing at the same time. Seal them using the m vacuum packing machine  in just minutes. You will find that this machine can seal so many printing ink tins in just one hour, enabling you to cut down on the time, efforts spent on this task. It also brings down the cost of packing while enabling the manufacturer to retain quality of the   printing ink for a long period of time. The machine is easy-to-operate and is rugged, so it can withstand heavy duty usage.

A band can make a name in its industry only when it adheres to quality standards. Check out the latest in packing methods so that your brand can send quality products to customers no matter what their location. You will find the Winner Vacuum Packaging Pvt. Ltd vacuum packing machine to be ideal for various types of products. A company manufacturing printing ink certainly needs this technology as only then will it be able to accurately seal printing ink cans and disperse them to customers across the country and also abroad. Look into a machine with the latest features of vacuum packing printing ink so that you can get one that is able to carry out packing this type of a liquid item in the best way.

Model name : Printing Ink Tin Vacuum Packaging Machine.

Tin sizes: 2.5 kg and 1 kg. Can be packed at the same time or separately.

Vacuum chamber size : 800 Width x 250 Length x 200 mm Height.

Over all Size : 830 x 300 x 850

Construction : 

Vacuum chamber: SS 304

Other construction: Powder coated MS .

Vacuum chamber lid : SS dome with toughened glass viewing window Optional:

  • Pneumatically operated vacuum chamber lid
  • Complete automation
  • European standard at Indian price

Tin’s Lid lifting cylinders : Vacuum monitoring & control : Dial ga SMC Japan made in India< >uge.

Vacuum Pump : 25 cum.

Nitrogen purging: To avoid tin collapsing after vacuum packing.

Power : Single phase 15-16 amps socket.

Electrical consumption : Maximum 1 Kwh

Packing cycle : 2 to 3 Cycles/ minute depending upon the product to vacuum packed.

Winner special :

As this model is supplied all over the world. Most parts are branded and are available anywhere in the world.