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Special Purpose Machine (SPM)

Special Purpose Machine (SPM)

Special Purpose Machine (SPM)

Optimal Packing For Products Needing Specialized Packing Attention

Today with advancement in packaging technology, the most preferred form of product packing is vacuum packing. It is a type of packing process in which a vacuum is created inside the pouch, bag, tin or box inside which the item is placed. This vacuum prevents air from getting inside the packing material, thus preventing the growth of microorganisms that can cause damage to what is inside. After the vacuum is created, the item is sealed and is then sent to markets for dispersal.

Have Unique Products For Packing? Check Out The Special Purpose Machine (SPM)

A key benefit in vacuum packing is that it preserves the item that is being packed for a longer period. In the food industry it is very useful as it enhances product life to one year and even more. As the item is paced inside a pack that is removed of all oxygen, it does not require much space for storage and there is also reduction in wattage of packing material. No chemicals need to be used in foods that are packed in this way. Companies seeking vacuum machines and have special packing needs can opt for a special purpose machine so that their special needs in packing are managed by it.

Winner Electronics Special Purpose Machine (SPM) is a type of vacuum packing machine that can be used to carry out various types of product packing with highest efficiency. It has been designed according to the special purpose packing for which it is needed. Hence it is designed to be strong, rugged and capable of taking on voluminous packing tasks  at a rapid pace. This machine has various features that can be used to control elements of its operations such as speed, cycle time etc. it is a machine that has been manufactured according to customer specific requirements.

Typically in a vacuum packing machine, there is a hermetically sealed chamber in which the product or item that has to be packed is kept. There is a pump which removes all air using rotating blades and there are also thermal strips that are used to seal the vacuum pouch in the chamber. In a Special Purpose Machine (SPM) this task can be done according to the packing requirements  of the company which is based on product nature and the volume of packing that has to be completed in a  single day. This Winner Vacuum Packaging Pvt. Ltd vacuum packing machine can simplify the packing process enabling hundreds of thousands of packs to be generated in a single day, which can then be easily dispersed to the markets.

Vacuum Chamber size : 
325 Width x 325 Length x 60 mm Height. Other Height not available
300 Width x 400 Length x 60 mm Height. Other Height not available

Over all Size : 
385 W x 340 L x 350 H mm
360 W x 455 L x 350 H mm

Construction : 
Body: MS Powder coated
Vacuum chamber: SS 304
Full SS: Optional

Lid :
Transparent flat Acrylic

Vacuum Pump :
8 cum/130 LPM

Gas :
Not available

Vacuum monitoring & control :
Controlled with Microprocessor & dial gauge.

Electrical consumption :
Maximum 0.5 to 1 Kwh, can be operated on domestic connection.

Packing cycle :
1 to 2 Cycles/ minute depending upon the product to vacuum packed.

Capacity :
Upto 200 to 400 kg/ shift of 8 hours

Winner special :

  • Maintenance free Vacuum actuator for lifting sealing bars.
  • Short circuit free non metallic. Made from fabric coated sealing bars.
  • We make customize machines as per customers requirement, quantity no bar.

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